Friday, February 29, 2008

Introduction, Submissions, Requirements

Wizards Of The Wind is a poetry site ran, operated and edited, by poet Michael Lee Johnson, Itasca, IL.  Michael Lee Johnson is publisher 
and editor of 11 poetry flash fiction sites–all presently open for submission, he is published in 27 different countries, and over 895 different publications, 101 videos on YouTube (just type Michael Lee Johnson into Google Search).  Michael Lee Johnson, Itasca, IL. nominated for 2 Pushcart Prize awards for poetry 2015 and Best of the Net poetry 2016.

Wizards Of The Wind is a poetry journal or journey devoted to creativity. Wizards in the wind can be found in silent nights alone, moments of joy and spring, in mysteries of life, in dreams created in nightmares or looking out your balcony window. Wizards are not demons or devils at this site, rather gems of mind creation wherever they happen to be silently found or formed. Creativity is elusive, not even easy for a poet or artist to find; often it pops out of experiences from seemingly nowhere; other times it is triggered by a word (s), or image (s) or experience. Here you are encouraged to share all these notions and leave them in a strange place, Wizard Of The Wind.

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Send all submissions to

I'm looking for: short poetry including haiku and tanka, flash fiction, short non-fiction with a social or political message (ie inadequate health coverage for 54 million Americans), good short stories. Include a brief 3rd party bio of yourself--50 words or less, especially any previous publication credits and contact info. We only accept e-mail or electronic submissions. Don't send attachments less they are asked for. No snail mail-it will be ignored unless they are comments and queries. Send no more than 4 poems at one time. The word "Submission" must be in the subject line. Editor retains the right to make a few comments about each selected poem, if you are selected, you chances of it being positive are good. As a general rule we require "one time rights" (meaning we plan to publish and use a poem "one time"). We also allow all rights to revert back to the writer upon publication on our site, which means the writer can have his work back and do with it as he wishes. If you need to remove a work for any reason, email us. Simultaneous submissions are ok, if you tell us, and give credit to the publisher (s); we are more interested in quality of work then if being original per sa.
I would like to invite graphics, nature pictures, sketches original artwork to decorate the site with, send to the same email address as above. Art: no larger than 5" x 5" or so, keep it small, black and white, or color, in jpeg/jpg or gif format, signed and dated, attached or embedded within the email. In the beginning, we will select works and post them as quality provides them-and notify the authors when they are accepted.  Michael Lee Johnson, Itasca, IL. nominated for 2 Pushcart Prize awards for poetry 2015.  Visit all 11 of my websites rich with poems from talented authors at (all open for submission now):
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Patent Attorney said...

It sounds fantastic, does the wizard reference mean that the journal is mostly based around fantasy writing?

Michael Lee Johnson said...

Not necessarily but fantasy is fine. Short fiction, and poetry in general.